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About Super Simple Nutrition

Confession Time!


Loves, this is my confession: I'm not a foodie and I've never been a foodie. The only thing I care about is being full of energy and life so that I can change the world. Rocking nutrition is the secret to making that happen, and to be able to sustain it over the long-term.


The fact that I'm not a foodie is a mega bonus to you. Mega! Why? Because in every nutrition plan and recipe I create, my thinking is -How can I make this:

1) Crazy healthy?

2) Absolutely delicious?

3) Ridiculously easy?

4) Create very few dirty dishes?


I've figured out how to simplify every element of healthy nutrition and I cut every unnecessary corner #LikeABoss. At the same time, I'm maximizing the taste and the nutrition. Duh.


Because, when you're not a foodie, food is functional. Food needs to be delicious because life is delicious. And when food is simple, it's able to play a supporting role in your life, so that your true passions can take center stage. 


You're eating everyday anyways! My job is to help you effectively hack your health by teaching you the super simple nutrition changes that will literally change everything. Simply put, our bodies work magnificently when we take care of them. 





The Mission

My mission is to support women who are making their mark on the world by teaching them how to easily care for their health via nutrition. There's an epidemic of powerful women driving change in the world, but they're sacrificing their own health in the process.


I'm here to change that. It's not either/or. It's win:win. When a woman learns how to easily and strategically meet her nutrition needs, not only is she  empowered to serve her cause more fully and sustainably, she is honoring her own intrinsic value. Which, in case you missed it, is a big effin' deal. 




I'm a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world's leading nutrition school. There I learned over 100 different dietary theories with a focus on bio-individuality, i.e. there is no one right diet. Rather, each individual different body has different needs.


I'm Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and I'm a member of the American Association of Health Coaches and the Weston A Price Foundation.

"I've figured out how to simplify every element of healthy nutrition, and I cut every unnecesary corner, like a boss! At the same time, I'm maximizing the taste and the nutrition."

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