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10-Minute Bomb Diggity Dinners!

Delicious Berry Smoothie!

As a kid, I was always kind of annoyed by the fact that we have to eat every day.


Multiple times a day. 

Who has time?! 



As an adult, my irritation grew because not only do I need to eat every day, I also need to be responsible for making it happen! #ThingsIDidn'tAppreciateAsAKidButNowIDo #ThanksMomAndDad



But, lucky for you, I've learned to harness my laziness and instead of whining about it (too much 😂 ) I used it as motivation to figure how to hack dinnertime!

Thus, 10 Minute Bomb Diggity Dinners was born! 


Of course, it didn't have a name at first- It was simply the tools, hacks, strategies, and recipes I used to get dinner on the table every single day in under 10 minutes.


Because ten minutes is about the extent of my patience in the kitchen. (Unless I'm chatting while in there. Then I can stay a little longer.)


This course will be awesome for you if you love the *idea* of having healthy dinners every night but:

  •  you find yourself pinched for time... all the time!

  •  you wind up having fish sticks or pizza way more often than you'd like to admit

  •  you wind up ordering take-out way more than you want to!

  •  You like eating healthy food but not cooking it

  •  you don't like doing lots of dishes

  •  meal planning feels overwhelming

  •  you try to eat healthily but then you get bored of always making the same thing!

  • you just want someone (your fave nutritionist!) to tell you what to be making and how!!




Well, my sweet, this course is designed to remedy that exactly! 


Here's what it would include:

  • an in depth explanation of HOW and WHAT to be thinking in order to make dinner happen so quickly!

  • A week's worth of super healthy/delicious dinners!

  • A Comprehensive Shopping List of where to get everything!

  •  Links to where to find all the products that are available on Amazon!

  •  All my most-asked-for Dinner Recipes! (If you've been to my house for Shabbat dinner, yes, I'm including the main course dish!)

  • Personal support in a private facebook group to answer any questions you have about it!


I'll be teaching it live this Friday, July 14th at 10AM PST, and then the replay will go out immediately to everyone who is registered (so no problem at all if you can't come live)


AND in case any of you are low carb/no carb I'll be including easy swaps (that, yes, I use all the time at home) for the healthy carb portion of each dinner.


You get  everything for only $47!!!!



Say what!?


Yep! So if you want in, now is the time! Click below to register! 

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