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Super Simple and Delicious   Shavuot Course 

Your ticket to *enjoy* the holiday without gaining weight, getting moody, or breaking the bank!



My love!



Super Simple and Deeeeelicious Shavuot Course is your ticket to enjoying the holiday without gaining weight, getting moody, or breaking the bank! 


It includes: 
* A complete meal plan for the whole holiday!
* A complete shopping list for the whole holiday!
* Menu and recipes for all 4 "hosting meals"




Recipes AND demonstrations videos 🎥 for: 

❤️ Suuuuper Delicious No-Bake Cheesecake Mousse Cups! (They're even suitable for breakfast! 😜)
❤️ Amazing Chinese Salmon (even "I don't like fish" people LOVE it aaaaand it's got a magical secret ingredient to protect you from any possible mercury present!)
❤️ Cleansing Carrot 🥕 Salad - it's just SO good! You won't have any leftovers 🙌🏼
❤️ Kickin' Cauliflower Rice with Asparagus! 
❤️ Garlic Broccoli Everyone Loves
❤️ Addictively Delicious Big Salad (Seinfeld anyone? 😂😂) 
❤️ Guacamole You Can't Live Without 👌
❤️ World's Best Techina (yep. It really is.)



💥💥💥💥Bonus💥 💥💥💥

I'll be explaining the crucial steps you need so you can ENJOY the holiday (imagine that?! 😂🙌🏼) 
-without gaining weight
-without getting moody or resentful 😂😂 

- without breaking the bank with so much food!




Being healthy doesn't mean giving up what's fun, delicious, and meaningful! 😭😫😱


🎉🎉🎉🎉Rather, it's all about having a strategy that works WITH your body's needs and your personal priorities! 🤗🤗



It's all about win:win! 👌


We'll be going live this Wednesday day at 11am PST, and if you can't make it live, everything will get sent to your inbox as soon as we're done!


You'll also get access to a private Facebook group just for this course where you can ask your questions, and have a special community to focus just on this! 

You get EVERYTHING for just $67!!!










*****Click below to register!****

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