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Make Passover Sane Again!

Leverage the power of simple healthy foods to make Passover happen without the overwhelm, busted budget, and crying stomach! 

Make Passover Sane Again Part 1

-Intro to our Cooking Jam Session and

-Demo for how to make totally bomb chicken soup 🙌

Make Passover Sane Again Part 2 

In this little video we're finishing up the chicken soup and adding in the ginger and carrots

(we lost the connection so it ends abruptly, but we pick up on the next video!)

Make Passover Sane Again Part 3


In this video we are:

-Roasting Beets for Beet Salad
-Making Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs for Eggs Salad 

- Making Honey Mustard Salmon- and I afterward realized that Mustard is Kitniyot, so I sent you a different but equally as easy and delicious recipe! 
- prepped Sweet and Spicy Roast/Stew Meat 

Make Passover Sane Again Part 4

How to make Sweet and Spicy Roast/Stew Meat... and me realizing I'm not recording in the right place 😂 😂 😂 

Make Passover Sane Again Part 5

How to finish making Sweet and Spicy Meat

-Finger Lickin' Garlic Chicken with Potatoes

-The start of Super Simple Passover Egg Salad

-Mango Avocado Salad

-Easy Peasy Israeli Salad

Make Passover Sane Again Part 6

How to make:


-mushroom and onion Omellete 

- and adding sauteed onions to the egg salad

Last Video for Make Passover Sane Again 

• how to keep your "pipes working" aka avoid getting constipated 
• how to feel FULL even when you're not having bread (or rice!)
• how to actually *lose weight* over Passover instead of gain! 
• how to not break the bank or go into debt with your food budget!!!​

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