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Make Passover Sane Again!

Leverage the power of simple healthy foods to make Passover happen without the overwhelm, busted budget, and crying stomach! 

So, Passover is *actually* supposed to be about Liberation, breaking free, stepping into a higher and better version of ourselves....


But for so many of us, it's just lame and anxiety provoking! Ugh! 


Ridiculous cultural expectations combined with a lack of strategy just makes the whole things generally un-fun. 






If you have a game plan and realistic expectations, everything changes!




With a rad meal plan that is simple, healthy, and delicious, and super easy recipes, foods that won't constipate you or make you gain weight, AND that won't burn a whole in your pocket-


You'll basically be set up to have the best Passover Ever! 😍 😍 😍 



😎This year, you will NOT be a slave in your kitchen...

(whether you're in Jerusalem or the diaspora 😂)



... and you will not turn yourself into the "korban pesach" aka Passover Sacrifice!😂😂😂



You'll be healthy and happy and organized ❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️



Here's the Menu!

💜 The Best Chicken Soup You've Ever Had (without nasty bones and cartilage floating around and without the need to strain it 😲)

💜 Super Easy and delish roasted Beet salad

💜 Never-A-Slave-to-chopping Israeli Salad (ain't nobody got time to chop for days!)

💜Avocado 🥑 Mango Salad (it's just so. So. Good.)

💜Addictively amazing quinoa salad (hello grab and go lunch!)

💜 Sweet and Spicy 🌶 Chicken or Roast with sweet potatoes - so good and so fast you won't understand how it works. But you'll be grateful.

💜 Finger Lickin' Garlic Chicken 🍗 with parsnips (or potatoes if you're a boring person 😂)

💜 Super Simple Soooo-Goooood Salmon.

💜 Burgers 🍔 on Almond Bread Bun!



Cookies 🍪

Almond bread 🍞


And more!!



And even though its worth waaaaay more than $97...

from RIGHT NOW until this Friday ONLY ---

you can grab this whole amazingness for $47!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗







This will be the only time that I offer it at this cray cray 😜 price so if it's calling your name- now is the time!😎 😎

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