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Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby

~So you and your little one can thrive~

This comprehensive program is so close to my heart. I designed it to teach you all the life-changing nutrition hacks you need so that you feel great during your pregnancy, and so you can give your little one the very best start in life. 

You'll also learn exactly what foods are most effective in helping your body to labor and birth safely and effectively. Yep, it all makes a huge difference!

I'll let you in on a little secret: This program is the culmination of everything I've learned, and do for myself during my own pregnancies and births. That's right, you're getting all my insider secrets!

"When a pregnant woman learns how to easily and strategically meet her unique nutrition needs, not only is she giving her unborn child the very best start in life, she is preparing herself for a short, safe, and effective labor and birth."

                                                                                              -Shaina Kamman, AADP

                                   What to Expect


In Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby, I'll teach you how to simply and strategically get the most important foods into your diet, keeping everything delicious, of course!  Get ready to reap the benefits of a joyous, energized pregnancy, and a short, safe, and effective labor and birth. You're setting your baby up to have the very best start at life!  
You can expect to learn:


- The most important foods for your baby! We'll cover the micro and macro nutrients that are most important for your baby's optimal development of the brain, heart, lungs, the skeletal system, nervous, endocrine system, and immune system.  We'll cover the most nutrient-dense foods to give your little one the best start in life, and make sure that it's all delicious and easy to get down! 


-How to feel energized and happy during pregnancy instead of lethargic and snippy! The trick to ensuring that YOU feel great and that your baby is growing beautifully is to create a diet of abundance. We'll make sure that your body has plenty of the vitamins, mineral, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates it needs so that both you and your baby will be set up to thrive!  Your body is very smart and is always prioritizing the vitamins and minerals it has to meet the most essential functions.  Only when there is an abundance (there's that word again!) of nourishment is your body is able to meet the less essential functions like mood and energy. 


-How to prepare for a safe, short, and effective labor and birth! Labor and birth is a symphony of hormones firing off at just the right time and order. We'll make sure that your diet is rich in all the vitamins and minerals you need so that all the right hormones can fire off in the most elegant way possible. In addition, we'll cover the incredible mind-body connection, maximizing your nervous system's ability to birth freely... In fact, an empowering birth experience is totally possible because when your body's needs are met it works incredibly well! 


                                    How It Works


Our deeply nurturing and nourishing work together begins with a Full Panel Current Health Intake. I'll be assessing you as a whole person. This means I won't be creating a standard pregnancy nutrition plan, but rather, I'll be creating an optimal prenatal nutrition plan for YOU. While there are definitely principles for pregnant women across the board, each woman has her own distinct symptoms and needs and is treated individually. 



I'll be looking at your current diet and lifestyle to see what your strengths are nutritionally and where your gaps are nutritionally. I'll also take into account your genetic predisposition, meaning your heritage and the health of your parents and grandparents. Though we are all humans, we also have  different needs depending on our genetic makeup.


I'll also be looking for any current health struggles, like indigestion, that can impact your ability to digest and benefit from the most life-giving food designed for you. In that case, I'll first make sure to address any current health struggles so that you are indeed able to benefit from all the wonderful life giving foods you'll be consuming throughout pregnancy. 


We'll talk about all this in depth, and then craft the simplest and most strategic (and super delicious!) food plan possible to provide your body with an abundance of all the vitamins, minerals, micro and macro nutrients it needs to thrive during this incredible and transformational time.


Big beautiful changes are coming, and I want you to have all the strength, stamina, and strategy to be able to enjoy it all. 


If you're ready to see how this sustainable, incredible energy will change your life and your baby's life...

On a personal note...

If you're wondering how I first became interested in nutrition, becoming pregnant with my first child was the catalyst! I suddenly cared so much about what I was putting into my body- I wanted to do everything to give my child the best start in life. I started doing extensive research into optimal prenatal nutrition and was shocked at how much better I felt when I would stick to my nutrition plan. All the usual pregnancy ailments like nausea, exhaustion, moodiness, and water retention all just melted away when I changed my food. 


During this time, I also learned the tremendous benefit that my new eating habits would have on my body's ability to labor and birth effectively and safely.  This program is the culmination of everything I learned and achieved during that incredible and transformational time.

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