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The Skinny on Fats!

Leverage the power of good fats to boost your immune system, prevent degenerative disease, and keep the youthful glow of your skin!

So many awesome people have such good intentions for their health, and they even put in the time and energy...


But if you're not leveraging what's MOST important then you'll see very little, if any,  return on investment 😭.


This breaks my heart! 💔


We've all got busy lives with lots we want to accomplish- and we want to feel GREAT along the way, and be full of energy, and do everything within our power to avoid disease-


Which is why I'm so pumped to share this awesome webinar with you! 


Harnessing your plate and intentionally choosing healthy fats is SUCH an easy swap to make and such a powerful one. 




In this rad webinar we'll cover:


THE GOOD 😇  and BAD 😈 

* the best oils for cooking with

* the best oils to keep cold (like in salads, etc...)

* the best oils for high heat frying

* the best oils for baking with


* the worst oils for cooking 

* the worst oils for frying

* the worst oils for baking and

* the worst oils to look out for in packaged foods 




We'll also go through these super practical and commonly asked questions:

- How much does it really matter?

- Do some need to be refrigerated? 

- Does the brand matter? 

- Does oil go bad? 

- How much fat is good? 

- What about my cholesterol levels?


❤️   I'll also include links to my favorite brands- both in quality and price -the ones I use myself at home and recommend to my private clients. 


❤️ Bonus - How incorporating healthy fats into our diet can actually improve not just our physical health, but our spiritual health. For realz. 🔆


All this amazingness will be yours forever for only $47...



If you want in, click below!

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