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Garlic Lemon Kale

Ok loves!

We're going to make Garlic Lemon Kale 🍋 this week for our video!

This Kale is *seriously* delish and hardly ever makes it to the table in my house because everyone comes to the kitchen and picks at it till it's gone! 🙌🏼 😊

Which usually takes about 3-4 minutes 😂 😂

If you're looking for Kale that • doesn't taste like grass • doesn't rip up your stomach (yup! It's common!) • you'll actually *enjoy* eating instead of trying to force it down 💕 • stays bright green and appealing looking!! • is ready in 3 minutes....😍

Aaaaaaand if you want to learn about how it's so amazing for 💛detoxing, 💚preventing birth defects, and 💜getting rid of PMS-

Then watch the video below!

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