PERFECT Green Beans!

🎉🎉👌PERFECT-Every-Time Green Beans Recipe 👌 🎉🎉

Who loves greenbeans... when someone else makes them!?!?! 😂🙋🏼

Rad Green Beans

For years I'd buy green beans at the store but then they'd just go bad in my fridge 😭because I couldn't be bothered to wash them and rip off the ends.

Ripping off the ends is so annoying. Too annoying. 😜

Soooooo I devised a recipe that enables me to make deeeeelicious green beans that come out good EVERY time and the ENTIRE process takes under 7 minutes.

#doable! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Here are the secrets: 💋💋💋😻💪

• Only use fresh green beans! Fresh! Pretend they're 🐟 with a very short shelf life 😂

Use them the day you buy them or the next day. Don't let them just sit in your fridge!

• Buy the Haricot Verts that are pre-trimmed!🙌🏼💋

...because you know you won't make them If you have to *trim the ends yourself* 😱

Aaaand the Haricot Verts are thin and fancy feeling and cook up really fast. Major win! 👊🏼


• 1 package Haricot Verts Green beans • 3 cloves garlic • 2 TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil • Salt • 1 TB Tamari Soy Sauce Optional: crushed pecans!


1.) Pour your oil and garlic into the pan on high heat.

(If you're feeling ambitious you can chop the garlic cloves into a few pieces, but if not you can just throw them in whole😜)

2.) Rip open your bag of green beans and dump them into the pan.

3.) Sprinkle salt all over the green beans and pour in a little bit of water, about 2 TB

4.) Cover your pan with a tight lid and shake it up so that everything gets mixed around inside.

5.) Come back in about three minutes to perfect green beans.

If you like them a little bit crunchier come back at three minutes exactly. If you like them a little charred, come back at three minutes and shake the pan and then let it sit for another minute on the fire.

6.) Put them on your favorite plate and drizzle with Tamari, and pecans if you're into that.

7.) Praise God that you learned this from me and enjoy!!! 😂😂😂

And here's the video of me doing a demonstration of exactly how it's done! I also teach about the unbeatable benefits of adding this little dish to your plate more often!

#ByeByeWrinkles #SeeYaLaterToxins #HelloWeightloss#HeyThereEnergy

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