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How to Quickly and Easily Cut a Watermelon 🍉 (Sans the Mess and Frustration!)

It may not sound complicated... but in my experience it's actually not easy to figure out how to *quickly* and *easily* cut

up a Watermelon-

🍉without having it take forever 🍉without spilling juice all over my counter 🍉without getting wonky shaped pieces 🍉transferring it to a serving platter/bowl without dropping everything 😂

But it's so delicious AND rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes! 💪💪🙌🏼

In this video I teach: 💪how to cut it up like a champ! 💪transfer it to a bowl sans a mess 💪 what makes it so healthy 💪 how much ok vs too much

We've been having it super frequently now that they're in season... because I totally used to avoid buying it 😂😂😂

Watch the LIVE video to see exactly how it's done!

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