Unbelievable Chinese Cabbage!

Ok, so ya know how sometimes you just stumble upon a new recipe that you think will be kinda good.....and then it turns out to be epically delicious?!

That's what happened with this!

I thought it would be fine. Good enough. Boy was I wrong! My kids ask for this all the time, and I love it because (big surprise!) it's super easy and also because it has a Chinesey taste, without all the annoying steps that generally accompany Chinese food.

Don't be underwhelmed by the simplicity of the dish!

Here the recipe:


1 head of green cabbage

handfull of baby carrots

2-3 TB Organic Tamari Soy Sauce

1-2 TB Toasted Sesame Oil


1.) Chop the cabbage into quarters, and if you're feeling ambitious cut out the core.

2.) Place the cabbage quarters and handful of baby carrots into a steamer (or in a regular pot with just about 1-2 inches of water at the bottom).

3.) Steam for about 10-12 minutes, or until it's softened but still has some firmness to it!

4.) Take out and put on a pretty plate, and then pour the Tamari and Toasted Sesame Oil all over it. 5.) Serve, and be shocked at how good it is.

Here's the video!!!

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