Absolutely Delicious Lemony Spinach

We looove Lemony Spinach.

And, I've recently learned that many people don't like spinach because they think it tastes nasty- basically a brown, mushy, slimy glob.

But.... in our home, lemony spinach is something that my kids actually ask for and something that I have to serve myself before I tell anyone that it's ready.

Because otherwise I get none.

Yep, its that good :)

Here's the recipe!! 🎉🎉 Ingredients: 1 bag pre washed baby spinach 1 clove pre peeled garlic 1 TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 lemon 🍋 Salt to taste Directions: 1. Pour the olive oil into a pan on medium heat 2. Throw in the garlic clove 3. Rip open the bag of baby spinach and dump it in the pan 4. Stir around as the leaves 🍃 wilt and as soon as everything is wilted, remove it from the pan and plate it immediately (this prevents mushy/soggy/browning/burning) 5. On the plate squeeze FRESH lemon 🍋 (only use bottled if you want to ruin your dish) on the spinach juuuuuust before serving! --If it sits too long it will turn brown. But good luck with that. It usually gets devoured immediately and then you regret not making a double batch 😂

Here's the video!

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