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Amazing Garlicky Broccoli Everyone Loves

Here ya go, my loves!!

Commonly referred to as "the best broccoli I've ever had" and "one of the easiest things to make, ever"

In this sweet little video I demo exactly how to do it, and go into the many benefits of how and why Broccoli can help:

💙reduce anxiety 💙prevent birth defects 💙promote weightloss 💙 keep you regular in the 💩 dept

Aaaaand here's the recipe for the broccoli!

Ingredients: 1 bag frozen broccoli 3 TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6 cloves of pre-peeled garlic Salt to taste (2-4 pinches)

Directions: 1. Pour 1 TB oil into your pan and turn the fire on high 2. Throw in 3 garlic cloves. 3. Rip open the bag of frozen broccoli and dump it in the pan. 4. Add salt to taste all around the broccoli 5. Cover the pan, give it a good shake to get everything mixed, and come back in 3-6 minutes. - 3minutes of cooking time will give you crispy, crunchy florettes, and 6 minutes will give you more of a roasted and caramelized flavor.

Both are fabulous! 🙌🏼💋💋

*Optional steps for Extra Garlickiness*

6. Dump your perfectly cooked broccoli into a big bowl

7. Pour the remaining 2 TB oil in the pan and put the flame on medium high

8. Chop/slice up the fresh peeled garlic and throw it into the pan for 30-60 seconds, depending on how big you chopped your garlic, and how strong you want the taste to be. - The shorter it cooks, the sharper it will be.

9. Throw the cooked broccoli back in the pan, stir everything up and serve immediately.


Video coming soon!!

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