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HealthiER Donuts!!!

How to make donuts 🍩 easiER and WAAAAYYY healthiER 🙌🏼

I loooove Donuts. But i dont love feeling like crap or eating things that I know are toxic for me. Blech!

Here’s what I cover in the video below: 1- swapping bad oils for good oils is 85% of the game! 2- swap white sugar for coconut sugar to lower the Glycemic index! 3- if you want it gluten free, use whatever recipe you like and swap in gluten free mix for white flour 1:1 ratio. 4- Ditch the glaze and just roll the donut holes in cinnamon sugar to cut down on the insanity of sugar intake! 5- Make donut holes instead of donuts because they’re easier Aaaannd here’s the recipe I’ll use IF i make any donuts. I might just be too lazy 😜 Ingredients: 1/2 cup of coconut sugar, split in half 1 teaspoon cinnamon One and aquarter cups of gluten-free mix (any brand) 1/3 cup coconut milk One egg 2 tablespoons coconut oil 1 teaspoon vanilla Avocado Oil for frying! 🍩 Directions: 1. Mix everything together except the cinnamon and half of the coconut sugar. 2. Put the avocado oil in your frying pan and turn the heat on high. 3. Form the dough into little balls and once the avocado oil is hot, fry them! 4. Once the donuts are cooked, roll them in the cinnamon and sugar, and enjoy!

Here's the video:

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