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Perfectly Roasted Broccolini!!

Every time I pass Broccolini at the store I buy it, but for a long time it never came out really good.

Always kinda tough and either too soft and mushy or too hard.

I wasn’t nailing it 😂

Buuut I’m so happy to share that I fiiiinally figured out how to make it delicious every time! 

2 super easy hacks that will change your Broccoli experience forever 

Here’s the full recipe with the video coming soon!


1 package of Broccolini (as much as will fit in the pan touching the pan)

4 cloves frozen pre-peeled garlic

2 TB Rxtra Virgin Olive Oil  

Salt to tast, I use about half a teaspoon 


Rinse the Broccolini, even if it’s already clean.

  1. Pour the oil and garlic into the pan and turn the fire 🔥 on high

  1. Chop the tough ends off the bottom of the Broccolini just like asparagus!! Don’t skip this!

  2. If some of the peices are more than a centimeter thick, slice them down the middle. Don’t skip this!

  3. Throw the Broccolini in the pan, making sure as much of the veggie is touching the bottom of the pan as possible.

  4. Add salt, put the top on and give it a shake.

  5. Come back in about 1-2 minutes for perfect Broccolini!!!!


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