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Are IVF and Clomid the only option for those struggling with infertility?

"Having our first child was a very difficult, very expensive and very painful process. Of course, we are so grateful to IVF because that's how we were able to have our son, but if it's possible to boost my fertility naturally- and that it will actually WORK- I would love that."

That's how my conversation with Sarah* started just over a year ago when she first called to find out about how a Customized Nutrition Protocol could dramatically boost her fertility. She called after her friend Anna* had divulged that she was finally able to conceive and carry a baby full term after going through my nutrition program.

Obviously, Sarah was skeptical but what did she have to lose!? She'd tried so many things already and since she's eating everyday anyways... why not try to make it work for her?

I explained to Sarah that, yes, nutrition has a profound (and often extremely fast!) affect on our fertility. The reason for this is because all of our hormones are directed by our endocrine system. The endocrine system is a system of our body comprised of the thyroid gland, the pineal gland, the ovaries or testes, and the adrenal gland. Our body is brilliant and is always making the best choices for us possible. Just like with a Fiscal Budget, we will prioritize the needs that are most essential and then skip on the less essential things if the budget doesn't permit it.

First we pay our rent or mortgage, then food and health insurance. We may or may not have trips to Disneyland or private tennis lessons. Those things are great and absolutely meaningful, but they are less essential for survival. It's very similar for our body. When our bodies nutritional needs are not being met, all of our systems -including the endocrine system- need to hustle and prioritize that which is most essential for survival.

Making sure we don't faint or pass out in the middle of the say is far more important from an immediate survival perspective than it is to keep us in a good mood or even to keep us fertile. In fact, our body can viably reason- 'if I'm not getting enough nutrients for myself, how can I possibly sustain a new life?' While this can be a very painful experience, the wonderful and empowering news is that the solution can be quite simple.

BY identifying what the nutrient deficiencies are and which elements of the endocrine system are struggling, my clients are very quickly able to rebuilt the storehouses of nutrients in their body, much like getting a higher paying job to build up financial savings. And in regards to Sarah, here's the testimonial that landed in my inbox today:

"I came to Shaina a year ago because my digestion was a disaster (everything I ate basically hurt my stomach) and I was in a bad mood pretty much all the time.

I also really wanted to have another baby but was really hoping to be able to avoid doing IVF again like we had to do with our first. Honestly, I was skeptical that my food could have that big of an impact but let me tell you...

Within 3 days of going on my Customized Nutrition Protocol Shaina made for me, my stomach pain was gone and I suddenly started having a lot more patience and joy!

That was awesome but the most incredible part is that only 7 weeks later I conceived my son naturally, carried him full term without complications, and he is now 8 weeks old sleeping in my arms as I write this on my phone (please forgive any typos!)

Every day (and every night when I'm up nursing every 2.5 hours) I'm so grateful I took the plunge to try this program despite my doubts!

Shaina, thank you so much! All four of us thank you!"

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