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Kitchen Products I Recommend

Below is a list of products that I think are great and use myself in most cases. I've included the Amazon links for your convenience and I may (hopefully!) get accepted as an Amazon affiliate and then I'll get a small portion of the sale if you choose to purchase it through my link. Enjoy! Let me know if there's something else you'd like some guidance about!

These cutting boards are great

These knives are my second choice because they're great and sharp but I don't love that they have non-stick coating. But, they're super affordable and having sharp knives makes a huge difference in the kitchen.

These knives are great because they're sharp and made from Stainless Steel

These are great glass containers for storing left-overs

These are great pyrex baking dishes that I use for everything, all the time. Super duper useful. It's impossible to have too many.

This baking sheet is awesome because its great for roasting all kinds of veggies, and anything else you want to come out super crispy (like chicken wings!). Also impossible to have too many.

Great, affordable, stainless steel measuring cups and spoons that have the measurements engraved so it won't rub off with use over the years. Also, they're connected so you won't lose random ones.

This pressure cooker is great for getting meals done quickly and also is gret because it doubles as a slow cooker.

An immersion blender like this is really useful for making smoothies, whipping up heavy cream into whipped cream, and making all kinds of blended soups and

dips. Plus its super easy to clean (unlike other blenders and food processors)

These are a great set of Stainless Steel pots and pans that will last and won't leach toxic metals into your food (as opposed to aluminum or non-stick options)

Cooking in cast iron like this is great because it's naturally non-stick and also enhances the iron in your foods (especially when cooking acidic foods)!

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