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~So you can finally

         feel freaking amazing~

What To Expect

In Smorgasbord of Health you can expect to pick exactly what will be in your program to address your individual health struggles. Common picks from the Smorg Table are indigestion and heartburn, irregular cycle issues, PMS, PCOS, moodiness, headaches and migraines, weight gain, acne, and insomnia. Whatever you choose, we'll build you a super simple plan to get your body humming along happily again!







This program is great for you if you're ready to learn the most effective and delicious ways to uproot the health concerns that are making you feel like crap all the time, and you often find yourself wondering...


-Can I get my stomach to stop hurting all the time?

-Can I ever get my period cramps to just staaaahhhhhhp already?

-Will my period ever get on any kind of actual cycle? Can I naturally heal my PCOS?

-How can I actually go to the bathroom, a good ol' Number Two, every day, and easily?!

-How can I start sleeping like a normal person and stop waking up every night for freaking hours?!

- Can I just lose this weight without starving myself?!

-How can I eat food without having heartburn all the freaking time?

-Can I live without these headaches all the time?

-How do I get rid of my migraines?!

-Will my skin ever clear up?!



If you're in this camp, the I-just-caaaaaan't-feel-this-way-anymore-camp, you've come to the right place! We'll build a tailored little program to fit you like a glove and address whatever your health struggles are.

And, of course, everything will be uber delicious and super simple!

It's For You If...

If you're tired of feeling like crap all the time... Good!!! You've come to the right place.


So many people walk around kind of feeling like crap all the time and because it's so common, they assume it's normal...


But it's not! Our bodies are designed to feel amazing for the vast majority of the time!

When you learn how to give your body what it actually needs to thrive, you'll be shocked at how awesome you feel.



Get ready to uproot your soul-sucking health struggle!


How It Works

Our transformational work together begins with a Full Panel Current Health Intake. I'll be assessing you as a whole person. This means I won't be creating a healing nutrition plan for your individual health struggles. Instead, I'll be creating a healing nutrition plan for YOU. Even people with the same symptoms will be treated individually because the reason they experience it is unique to them.


I'll be looking for what the stressors are in your diet and lifestyle that are instigating your issues, and take into account your genetic predisposition i.e. your heritage and the health of your parents/grandparents.


I'll also be looking for any indications from childhood, like recurring rounds of antibiotics for ear infections or other common practices that disrupt the gut flora of a growing child and often lead to a depressed immune system later on... Until it is healed!


We'll talk about all this in depth and then craft the simplest and most strategic (and super delicious!) food plan possible to get you feeling super awesome, super quickly.


Because I know you just wanna feel freaking awesome already! And I want you to have all the strength, stamina, and strategy to be able to enjoy it all. 


If you're ready to see how this sustainable, incredible energy will change your life...

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